Five for Friday

Hello Friday…what took you so long to get here?

This is the first morning all week where I’m not racing off somewhere as soon as I put the kids on the bus (or they even leave the house!). So with coffee in hand, here comes a little randomness for this Friday morning….

  • I would like to ask all teachers to please find a way of spreading projects, field trips and the like more evenly throughout the school year so that the final couple of months of school don’t feel like such a scramble!
  • After a solid race pace run last Saturday, this week marked the beginning of my taper. It’s been a nice week of easier runs – but I did enjoy hitting the track yesterday just to push my legs a little.
  • The one thing that has not gone well in the training department this week is my sleeping – yes, I consider getting enough rest as part of training! I’ve gotten into a very bad habit this week of falling a sleep on the couch and then when I head to bed I’m wide awake! I’ve got to work on doing a better job of logging some sleep as I head into race week.
  • I was thrilled to hear the news that B.A.A. has extended an invitation to the 5000+ runners who were not able to cross the Boston Marathon finish line. I know a number of runners who were stopped short of fulfilling their dream and I’m so glad they’re getting another chance.
  • It will be another weekend filled with the boys’ sports – at last count, at least 3 lacrosse games and two baseball games. I’m hoping to get some time in my very neglected garden and my hubs and I planning to sneak out for a date night!

For now I’m going to pour a second cup and catch up on some blog reading before I get on with the day!

What have you got planned for the weekend?




  1. Ah, I’ve got the same bad sleeping pattern, made worse this week by my kids being home from college and so I wake up again when the dog lets me know that they are getting in! Enjoy your date night!

  2. I now have to FORCE myself to bed by 9 so that I fall asleep by 10 at the latest…it’s not always successful but I tend to get to sleep way earlier than I did before – always a challenge!

  3. I am SO with you on the teacher plea! And with spending the weekend at sporting events. May is just insane, each and every year.

    I like hitting the track after a break, too.

  4. Oh sleep is so key! My routine has been off this week too and I have been paying for it!

  5. Lucky you with some ‘coffee time’! I”m running off for another jam packed day of school obligations. Concert was last night, skating tonight and tomorrow, Thing 1 is spending the weekend at a dude ranch, it never ends. Happy weekend!

  6. LOL!!! We have run out of things to teach by now…just kidding! It is true though that the field trips and projects are more now…now that testing is over we can relax a little!!

    Have a great weekend! We are heading to the Boston Public Garden tomorrow for a Swan Boat trip!!

  7. Sounds like a great morning, I too am relaxing with my coffee 🙂

  8. We have crazy kids’ schedules here too! I am actually looking forward to the summer!

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  10. Sleep is always the first thing sacrificed in my world of training, working and spending time with loved ones. Have you ever had moments of over extending yourself? How do you commit to less and still feel connected to friends and extended family?

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