Recharging for 2013

We’ve been in full holiday celebration mode for a week now around my house – soaking in time with family and friends. After all of the rushing around and planning, it’s been great to be present in the moment and just enjoy the days as they’ve unfolded. It wasn’t until late yesterday afternoon, curled up under a blanket nursing a sore throat that I really started to think about goals for 2013.

Looking back at the running goals I laid out in January, I’m happy to say that I hit almost all of them (the 10K PR still eludes me). I had a heck of a lot of fun this year with lots of highs:

  • taking the whole family along for a race in DC
  • getting to meet a bunch of runner/bloggers
  • serving as a ZOOMA race ambassador
  • getting away with my friend E for run and fun at ZOOMA Cape Cod
  • working with my running coach Bennett Cohen – learned so much!!
  • new PRs in the half marathon, 10-miler and 5K
  • ran over 900 miles

Now that I’ve had a little down time, I’m looking forward to kicking up my training for a half marathon in March (still debating which one!). So, what are some of my running/fitness goals for the upcoming year?

  • complete the 13 in 2013 Challenge— I think I’ve almost got the race calendar sorted out!
  • looking to shave some more time off my best times for both the half marathon and 10K (specific target times to come later) – I really need to find a flatter course for the half!
  • continue to do all of things that I believe helped to keep me off the injury-reserve list — yoga, strength training, massages and time with the chiro.

But, as always, the biggest goal is to continue to have fun — to run with friends, to run in some new locales, try an obstacle course race (or two), be a race volunteer, and have more blogger meet-ups!



  1. ZOOMA was so much fun & I’m super happy I got to meet you! Good luck chasing those PRs!!

  2. Great goals for next year! I’m excited for the 13 in 2013 challenge!

  3. i’m in the Thirteen in 2013 as well. First race is the resolution 5k on 1/1/13…the day I also start training for my first half!! Can’t wait to see what next year holds!

  4. I’m in for 13 in 2013 too. Such a fun group of people. Now if only my body will cooperate!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in store for 2013! I’ve been sick this week, so feel your pain (literally and figuratively).

    I’m looking at the Half at the Hamptons in February – fairly flat course and great race amenities. Almost full though!

    Love your attitude…keeping it fun. Couldn’t agree more!

  6. Big goal twinsies 😉 and I LOVE that quote. Best wishes to you with all of your great goals…and get well soon!!!

  7. Great 2012, and great goals for 2013! The 10k is so tough to PR. I put down a long-standing time last year, but it came after training for a half. You’ll do it this year!

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