13 in 2013

Continuing under the theme of getting out of my comfort zone….

I’m doing the 13 in 2013 Challenge! Yeah, 13 races next year? That should keep it interesting!

Want in? Check out the details HERE!



  1. So excited for next year!

  2. That looks like fun!

  3. Cool! You’ll do great with it!

  4. Sounds like by the end of 2013 ‘out of your comfort zone’ will BE your comfort zone. That’s an awesome goal. Looking forward to following along in blog land. Happy holidays!

  5. Good for you! Should be fun.

  6. I’m in!! I’m doing 13 halfs in 2013. I have done 11 in the last 4 years. How am I going to do 13 in ONE year!!?? 🙂

  7. Very cool goal – good luck!

  8. Awesome challenge Michelle! You’ll be racking up all kinds of Chilly Challenge miles!!

  9. Very cool! Congrats!

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