Lessons learned and training begins again

I’ve started training this week for the Providence Rock ‘n’ Roll Half! As you can imagine, I’ve been thinking a lot about my last race — both the training and the race itself. Where do I make changes? What do I tweak…or throw out?

A couple of things stand out for me….

  • Without question, I need to make a more dedicated effort to strength training, especially where my left leg is concerned. The imbalance between my quads and hamstrings is a major contributor to my knee woes. Additionally, my right leg is so dominant that it is throwing off my gait – especially when I start to get tired. In looking back at my training, I was understandably most focused on building the miles. While there was some strength training, to be honest it was both minimal and inconsistent. If I do not want a repeat performance of my left leg cashing it in shortly after mile 8, then I have to get serious about strengthening the leg!
  • I’ve got to figure out a hydration plan. All of my long runs leading up to the half were done in cool temps – I never carried water with me. Then bam, race day is hot and humid and I wasn’t use to taking in water while running and as a result I don’t think I managed the water stations as well as I could have. Obviously, no one expected those crazy temps then, but the Providence RnR is in August so heat and humidity is a given! In general I know I need to hydrate better, both on days I run as well as off days. But I also need to use my long runs to figure out a hydration strategy for the race.
  • I need to continue to work on pacing and not be afraid to push it. There were moments during my last training cycle where I’d be running and feeling good then glance at my Garmin and think “whoa is that really my pace, I’ve got to slow it down cause I’ll never make it to the end of the run.” In other words I’d psyche myself out! I realize it’s really easy to fall into this rut of thinking of yourself as an XX min/mile runner – I need to challenge myself to not fall into that rut.

So, now with a better mileage base, my goals leading up to the next race are to strengthen my legs (especially the left), learn to hydrate better and embrace a little speed! And I’m going back to posting my weekly plan because it helps to keep me accountable.

For this week:
Monday — Yoga  (check)
Tuesday — Strength work (check)
Wednesday — Tempo run (4) (check)
Thursday — Yoga or Rest
Friday — Long run (6)
Saturday — Pilates reformer (counts for strength work)
Sunday — Easy 5

Happy Running!


  1. It is good to learn from your last training for this one. I have found with speed that it is totally me psyching myself out. BELIEVE you can do it!!!!

    Have you ever carried a Nathan handheld? I use one now on almost every run now that it is hotter. I have also used it in my past few halfs and it has made a big difference! You could always stash a bottle of water for a refill for your longer training runs. I can usually make 10 miles on one fill. Also there is a pouch for a key or Gu or ipod…I really love mine!

    Good luck with your training. If you’re ever on Cape Cod let me know…we can go for a run!

  2. Great post! Sounds like you’re on it! Taking some cues from you …

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. I love my hydration belt. Try out your options, I know some people really like the handheld ones.

  4. I wear a fuel belt for runs over 8 miles. I actually love it. I also have a nathan hand held that I love.
    Good luck!!

  5. I have an amphipod hand held I adore…

    Also, I am your 100th follower 🙂

  6. You’ve learned some great things to take with you this summer. As far as running with water goes, a good running store will let you try on fuel belts or a hand held and run around the block to see if you like it. I hate both, but found that I like an off-brand Camelbak. Have fun with your training this summer – mix things up, keep it fresh for you.

  7. Sounds to me like you’ve been paying really great attention and are learning from it! Good moves. Strength training is so important, even though it’s not fun!

  8. I’ve learned the strength training question the hard way. It really makes a huge difference!

  9. I love your lessons learned! And wish you luck in the Providence race!

  10. It is great that you can learn from experiences and make plans to correct them. I have a handheld and I like it OK. Not totally in love because I think the pouch could stand to be just a tad bigger to accommodate a few more small items. I also freeze my water for my long runs so the water stays cool (though not for very long.)

    Good luck with your tweaking!

  11. i am thinking about trying to get my hands on a revenge series fuelbelt


    I am not really a fan of handhelds but after this last 1/2 i am sure I need a system that is comfortable to carry my own GU/water.

    so i am curious to see what you end up doing for hydration on your next race. 🙂

  12. I keep hearing about this quad/ hamstring imbalance as a major problem for a lot of women. I’d love to know what you are specifically planning to do to work on that!

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