Great giveaways!

I’ve come across some great giveaways in the blogoshere lately and wanted to spread the word. So be sure to check out:

Running Diva Momma – Chill Towels (5/27)
Running Off at the Mouth – Sof Sole and Rock N Roll (5/28)
I Run Because…I Can – Endorphin Warrior (5/28)
Tall Mom on the Run – CEP Compression (6/1)
Running into Happyness – Gift cards (6/3)

As I come across more giveaways, I’m going to list them in the sidebar in the future.

Good luck!



  1. I <3 freebies!
    Good luck with your training!


  2. I love freebies too! Which is why I’m giving away 13 of them in honor of my half marathon I’m training/fundraising for. Check it out at

  3. That’s great! I’ll be sure to check out your site – thanks!

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