One word and 2018 Goals

I love the energy of a new year! Hopes are high and all things are possible!

If you’ve been around here for awhile then you know I’m a big goal setter. 2017 proved to be a challenging year for my fitness and running goals as I spent most of the year in what seemed like a continual cycle of injury and recovery. As a result, my training was derailed and I only ran one race for the whole year! Once I finally took the big step back I needed, stopped trying to train and gave myself all the time I needed to heal I was finally able to turn the corner. I finished the year feeling good and excited for what 2018 will bring!

One word for 2018.

For the past few years, I’ve picked one word as the theme for my year across all areas of my life  – and this year’s word is “Brave.” Personally, professionally, and in my running, I want to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

2018 Running Goals.

  • Run a marathon — This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and have always come up with a reason to talk myself out of it. But this is the year to take on 26.2! I haven’t settled on which one yet – that’s a post for another day. I do know it will be a fall race so I can give myself ample time to get ready.
  • Improve my nutrition —  This is a carryover from last year. I need to identify the right fueling strategy for my runs and do a much better job giving my body what it needs post-run. I’m participating in Laura’s Fit and Fueled Nutrition course for runners which will give me a great start here!
  • Be consistent with strength training and cross training — When I look back on when I’ve had great running years, one thing is clear – I’m not someone who can just run. I need to balance my running with both strength work and cross-training if I’m going to stay injury-free and make it to the starting line.
  • Return to racing — I really missed the whole experience of participating in races last year. Beyond a marathon, I’m looking forward to running other distances, being a part of the Rock ‘n’ Blog team, and hopefully some blogger meet-ups.
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Have you set your goals for 2018?

I’m linking up with ErikaMarcia, and Patty for Tuesdays on the Run, where the theme today is, of course, goals. I can’t wait to see what others are planning for this year!