Weekly Wrap – Black Cat Training Week 5

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I am counting down to the start of the game and cheering on the Patriots! But before I get to football, food, and beer I’m joining hosts Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap. If you post a weekly training update definitely check out this link-up – it’s a great place for motivation, encouragement, and inspiration!

Monday – Rest; plank streak D29

Tuesday – 3-mile run; plank streak D30

Wednesday – Woke up with a mysterious ITB/glute pain – had no idea where this flare up came from since Tuesday’s run was uneventful. Unfortunately, I had presentations for work and spent the day on my feet…in heels. Skipped my strength work and spent some time rolling with a lacrosse ball. Still kept the plank streak alive!

Thursday – Another 3-miler was scheduled but the ITB/glute was only mildly better. I’m in no mood to be sidelined so I hightailed it to the massage therapist. Plank streak D32

Friday –  With the ITB feeling much better, I hit the treadmill to make up Thursday’s run. I got to test out my new kicks! I also joined Rachel’s Supermans, Squats, Twists Challenge so there were 30 squats in addition to streak day 33.

Mizuno Wave Sky

Saturday – The forecast showed brutally cold temps so I opted to push my run to Sunday and get a strength workout instead. I focused on core and upper body, including the challenge’s 30 Russian Twists. Plank day 34.

Sunday – So Mother Nature has a twisted sense of humor. When I started my run it was 40 degrees, but things quickly changed…temps dropped and then icy rain began. Seriously?! Of course, the ITB/glute decided to start complaining just for added fun. Not much you can do but dig in and finish. 7 miles done!

And with that, week 5 of Black Cat training is a wrap!



  1. Oh, no. I hope your ITB/glute pain will not make an appearance this week, or any other week. Great jobbing in gutting in out and getting in your 7 miles on that chilly, and getting colder, run. Thanks for linking!

  2. Good for you getting out there in a skirt in the rain! I hope your leg pain calms down. I hate when mysterious pains appear. Hoping this week is better fo ryou!
    Wendy recently posted…The Running KindMy Profile

  3. Take care of that ITB band. Look at you in a skirt in this crazy cold!
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Weekly Wrap Hello FebruaryMy Profile

  4. Way to gut out the 7 miles. I wish the Pats had won to help take your mind off the IT/glute issue. :/
    AmyC recently posted…Weekly Wrap | The FLU and My January MilesMy Profile

  5. The weather was so crazy this weekend. Good job on getting in your long run on Sunday!

    I hope that the sneakers continue to feel good for you. I know the search for the perfect sneaker can be hard!
    Kim G recently posted…Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Training Recap – Week 6My Profile

  6. Oh man, that icy rain sounds painful. I hope the ITB issue clears up soon!
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly ReviewMy Profile

  7. Boo to random pains popping up – so frustrating. Hopefully you get the ITB/glute pain in bay ASAP!

    And what a great Super Bowl game from beginning to end. Somehow the Eagles were able to stop Brady from a 6th ring! 🙂
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…New Jersey Marathon Training Week 5 RecapMy Profile

  8. It looks like 7 was a magic number for a lot of us with long runs this weekend. Sorry for those drastic temp drops…and I hope your random pain(s) get it out of their system and vacate the premises.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Back in the Training ModeMy Profile

  9. Great job with your training this week! I hope that everything settles down with your ITB! What an intense game last night!
    Sara recently posted…GCM Training – Week 2My Profile

  10. Great week Michelle …and super cute skirt! Hope the Glute/ITB calms down soon …you’ve got a 20 miler to run!!!!
    Teresa recently posted…Post Marathon Recovery: Aka Lazy BumMy Profile

  11. Ah sorry to hear about the ITB/glute pain! Way to get your 7 miles done in the crazy weather!

  12. You had an awesome week, Michelle. The weather can’t stop you from training and running. Keep it up girl!

  13. Have you done the Black Cat event before? I haven’t but I’ve heard great things about it!

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