Feeling inspired

  • My hubs J and I took the boys to watch part of the Boston Marathon yesterday. While I try to catch the marathon every year on TV, I haven’t been to see it live in a few years. There is nothing like being there as the runners give it their all. 
  • As I stood out there cheering them on, I thought of all the hours of training, the dreams being realized, the causes being supported, the individual stories being played out. How could you not walk away feeling inspired?!
  • It’s April vacation week for my kiddos, which means getting up extra early to get my runs in before J leaves for work. During the winter I had let my runs slip to late morning to ensure running in daylight — and truthfully because the thought of running in both the dark and bitter cold was really unappealing! But since the clocks turned back I have been meaning to get back to early morning runs…and now with this week I have no excuses.
  • So an easy 3 miles was done before 7 and on deck for tomorrow is a 5 mile tempo run and then another long run of 10 on Friday. I’m hoping to get back on the yoga bandwagon that I fell off of last week and some much needed ab work and strength training. Hopefully the kids will cooperate 🙂



  1. I completely agree that yesterday was beyond inspiring – and I only got to see it through the computer!

    I hope your boys thought it was cool to watch too. I love the idea of kids getting into running at an early age.

  2. How great you saw the marathon! Good for you for resuming your early schedule. Summer’s right around the corner but not by the looks of this weather lately!

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