"I Just Felt Like Running" Virtual 5k Report

Another Sunday, another race….and what a difference a week makes! 
Last Sunday I was slogging through snowy conditions at the Hyannis 10k with my hubs J and a couple thousand other crazy dedicated runners! Today, it was a muggy 55 degrees and it was just me and the road for a virtual 5k — A big thanks to Detroit Runner for sponsoring the “I Just Felt Like Running” virtual 5k!
I loved being able to run in just a t-shirt and capris again. The weather really drew people out this morning, I saw lots of other runners and walkers and everyone seemed in a good mood and eager to smile and say hi. Made the run all the more enjoyable!
I had been on a mini break this week, trying to give my knee a little rest before diving into my half marathon training, so I didn’t really have any specific goals for this run. I just wanted to keep a nice steady pace and to keep my left knee relatively happy.  Well, check and check. I finished 3.11 miles in 34:32 and according to my Garmin I hung solidly around 11:06/mile. Best of all the left knee felt fine! 
Great way to start a Sunday!



  1. Great 5k. Boy, I would love to be wearing less clothes this time of year. Too cold for us here. Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck!

  2. Nice 5k! Glad to hear that your knee didn’t give you any problems.

  3. Great 5k! Wasn’t the weather awesome!!! Everyone was smiling and excited!

  4. 55 degrees!! sounds like a perfect run : )

  5. Nice work! Isn’t this weather awesome? Glad you took advantage of it in the best way possible!

  6. Nice race and awesome conditions! Glad the knee behaved.

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