Emerging from Flu Fog

There’s no way to sugar coat it – this past week was one long and u-g-l-y week! I developed an annoying hacking cough late Sunday and by Monday morning I was a wreck. By Tuesday it was clear I had some serious virus or strain of the flu happening. Ugh, really?! Ain’t nobody got time for that…especially when you throw in that I was doing the single parent thing for half the week. Yes a tough week, but I am slowly emerging from my flu fog.

Because I’m stubborn, I did manage to hang onto my plank streak this week, and by Friday I was back to Rachel’s Supermans, Squats, and Twists Challenge with 50 squats. Saturday offered up 50+ degree weather and I got out for a brisk walk with my husband J and followed up with 50 twists. I finally got back to some cardio today with a mix of miles on the bike and the mill – just a few miles had me winded and ready for a nap, but it was progress.

I’m trying not to get too stressed out about losing a week of training for Black Cat. Today’s brief run showed me that I’m going to have to take this week slow as I continue to work my way out of flu recovery mode. I still have 3 long runs before the race so hopefully, I can squeeze in a couple of 8 milers and one double-digit run. Fingers-crossed!

So tell me something about your week!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself!
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Weekly Wrap Crushing Mini GoalsMy Profile

  2. Hope your rally back continues…thankfully, we’ve all stayed pretty healthy in our house. Hope we can glide through the next month or so and sail into spring (still) healthy. Take care!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Can you say SNOW???My Profile

  3. Sorry to hear that you were sick last week. This season has been awful. Hopefully that time off did you well, and can get back to the final few weeks of training strong.
    Lacey@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Weekly Wrap….Feb 11My Profile

  4. I was so sorry to hear that you were sick last week 🙁 It just seems like everyone has either a head cold, stomach bug or the flu. It’s definitely been a bad illness season so far but I am happy that you are feeling better!
    Kim G recently posted…Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Training Recap – Week 7My Profile

  5. Ugh. Of course that happens while you’re single parenting. It’s like the universe knows. Sounds like you’re bouncing back well though. Don’t worry about Black Cat. You’ll be ready.
    Marcia recently posted…A Run On the Mill Kind of WeekMy Profile

  6. Boo, I’ve heard the flu is really bad this year 🙁 Take care of yourself and I hope the recovery goes well!
    Chaitali recently posted…Nat’l Women’s Half Training – Week 1My Profile

  7. Aw, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Hopefully you’ve been getting enough fluids and rest!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…New Jersey Marathon Training Week 6My Profile

  8. The flu is so bad this year! Sorry you came down with it as well. Hope that you continue to feel better and get back on track with your training this week!
    Sara recently posted…GCM Training: Week 3My Profile

  9. I’m so glad to see you back on track. You’ll be fine for your race training! Have a great week!
    Wendy recently posted…Running in A Snow GlobeMy Profile

  10. I’m glad to see you emerging from the flu fog. Rest and recovery is definitely the most important thing right now. You’ve got time to get a few longer runs in. I wouldn’t worry about it. Thanks for linking!

  11. Oh, I’m so sorry you got the flu! Glad you are recovering. I bet that walk outside felt great. You definitely need to take time to recover. I’ve heard of too many people getting sick again.
    Coco recently posted…Ramping Up And Holding BackMy Profile

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