Friday Five

1)Ā  Made it through this week’s hill work without any angry outbursts from the left ITB! My schedule has been crazy this week so I ended up swapping Wednesday & Thursday’s runs so I did my hill work on Wednesday. It was a solid workout and the ITB behaved…what more could you ask for?

2) Thursday’s recovery run didn’t happen. I could feel my left wasn’t going to cooperate even before I got out of bad, so I put my ego in check and skipped the run. I’m trying to be smart about this!

3) “Yikes!” is never a comment you want to hear from a massage therapist when she feels how tight your ITB is šŸ™‚ She beat the tar out ofĀ  intensely worked on my legs then sent me home for an epsom salt soak. My schedule didn’t allow for the time for a soak, but I will do one after Saturday’s long run. I did get to my “Yoga for Runners” class and after that 2 hr session I can say my legs were officially junk!

4)Ā  My boys have been back in school now for a week and a half and the family calendar is a ridiculous sea of colors and I’m desperately trying to carve out white space! How did we get so crazy so quickly!?!

5) Just 8 days until the ZOOMA Half Marathon – Let the weather watch begin šŸ™‚ I’ve got my last long run tomorrow to use as my dress rehearsal for clothes, shoes and fueling decisions. Hopefully the ITB will continue to be quiet!

What Have you got lined up for this weekend?


  1. So glad your ITB is behaving! I’m looking forward to hearing all about ZOOMA Cape Cod šŸ™‚

    OMG YES to number 4. Insanity, all the time.

  2. Why can’t ITBs behave for runners? Oh, and plantar fasciitis, achilles pain….etc. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. You are being a very smart girl Michelle!! You’re going to do great next weekend!!! Isn’t it amazing how just a few weeks can turn a house into Grand Central Station!?

  4. Love your #3, that has def. happened to me. “What? It isn’t supposed to be hard like steal?”

  5. More good behavior thoughts coming your way for that knee and ITB! They get so testy, I swear. Have a fun weekend. I need to try epsom salts…maybe tomorrow.

  6. Awesome mews about the cooperating ITB – hooray!!

  7. mews? Where’s the damn autocorrect when you need it?!?! How about “news”!! šŸ™‚

  8. This post made me realize I haven’t done an Epsom salt bath all summer. Time to get back to it! Hope the ITB continues to behave.

  9. I’m glad your IT bands are doing better. That is exciting! Don’t worry about missed workouts, your training is done, now just focus on making it to the start line as injury-free as possible. Good luck!

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