Summer mode

summertime1We have comfortably shifted into summer mode here in the RWA household – the pace has slowed, there’s far less clock watching and on some days this usually high-energy family has become downright lazy! And I say thank goodness 🙂

While getting out early in the morning before the heat really cranks up doesn’t allow for much sleeping in, I have passed on a couple of runs in favor of catching more ZZZs – I figure my both my mind and body will thank me later. When I do run, there’s been almost no attention paid to my Garmin – it’s just been about getting some miles in and trying to acclimate. I’m most definitely not breaking any land speed records and I’m good with that. I know that soon enough I’ll be focused in on hitting paces and more structured workouts as I start training for my fall races.  I am starting to kick my strength training up as I’ve started another 30 ab/core challenge and I’m heading back to my beloved Pilates classes later this week.

How’s your summer going? Have you started training for your fall race yet?



  1. It’s SO HOT here in Texas so it’s encouraging to see other people persevering through the heat! It’s easy to get frustrating with the heat/humidity and I’ve found it tougher to recover as well. BUT… I just keep telling myself that slogging through some of these tough summer runs will make me physically (and mentally) tougher come summer.

  2. I like sleeping ’till 6, before I go off to the gym. It’s nicer than the usual 5 am. Running in the heat is tough. I should switch the gym training and the running …

  3. I’ve been up and out running early but no Garmin for me. We have Amazon-calibur humidity here this week and I have no desire to see what that does to my pace. Ha!

  4. It’s hot here but making it through marathon training girl!

  5. Summer really is the best..loving the slower pace. I’m still doing low HR training, so I guess I can’t say I am in fall racing mode, yet, but I am looking forward to that shift in training!

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